Man Faces Time Behind Bars After Fatal Stabbing in South Carolina

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Man Faces Time Behind Bars After Fatal Stabbing in South Carolina

arrested 63-year-old George Miller

In Orangeburg, SC officers with the Department of Public Safety arrested 63-year-old George Miller on a charge or murder and deadly weapon possession during a crime.  Miller has been charged with murder after a fight that lead to a fatal stabbing of another man.

Police were called to a home on Green Street just after 2 am for a reported fight and stabbing.  After arriving at the scene police found 52-year-old Paul Robison in a bedroom with multiple stab wounds.  The weapon appeared to be a seared kitchen knife.  Emergency personal and first responders arrived on the scene and Robinson was transported to an area hospital where he later died.

As police arrived the scene was chaotic with Robinson’s girlfriend shouting hysterically, “He stabbed him.”  The women went on to tell authorities that Miller stabbed Robinson, her boyfriend.  She claimed that when asked to leave Miller became violent.  It was after the stabbing she was able to wrestle the knife from George Miller and call police.

As they spoke Robinson’s girlfriend explained they had an agreement with the landlord and Millers cousin to care for him in exchange for $900 a month.  She claimed that it was only for basic needs such as cooking and cleaning, but the situation quickly deteriorated because of Millers behavior.  She claimed to later find out that, “he had mental issues and need to take medication.”

When police arrived Miller did struggle while they attempted to arrest him in his bedroom.

Millers statement was that Robinson came into his room and shoved him into a table.

Police chief“Sadly we hear stories like this particular one all the time, across the nation.  People have arguments and they turn deadly in an instant.  Misunderstandings can have fatal consequences, especially if mental illness is involved.” Says Joe Sandefur, South Carolina personal injury attorney at

It is tragic to find that the victims of these crimes rarely have a voice and are able to find justice. Despite that fact that crime is a factor in any state South Carolina does have an extraordinarily high crime rate, ranking it second in the nation.  The national average is 3,098 out of 10000 and south Carolinas crime rate is 4,381, well above the national average.

Many different factors make up reasons for violent crimes.  Domestic disputes are a large factor and mental illness can also play a large role.  In this case mental illness led to frustrations running high and tempers flaring.

When someone is hurt or fatally wounded they or their family have the right to compensation for such a tragic loss.  The loss of life is never easy and families and loved ones will grieve.  Often times they are left with hospital expenses as well as funeral expenses that they never expected to have to incur.  If you have been involved in a personal injury accident or violent crime call an attorney today and let them get you on the path to getting the compensation you deserve.