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California Bicyclist Awarded After Losing Leg Due to a Trucker’s Negligence

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California Bicyclist Awarded After Losing Leg Due to a Trucker’s Negligence

A California jury recompensed Alan Casillas (21 year old) 34 million dollars after he was struck by a truck trailer when a careless worker made an inappropriate turn. It is accepted to be the biggest beneath the-knee removal decision in California.

Casillas was 19 years old at the time of the accident and was a development specialist. In the same way as other young people in Southern California, Casillas had a shoreline cruiser bike in a possession that he had been riding that day of the crash.


Trailer rolled over walkway

He was riding westward on Tweedy Boulevard in LA when he reached a stop. While holding up to continue, trailer administrator F. Azurdia came driving down Tweedy Boulevard. As F. Azurdia endeavored to make a turn, he neglected to guarantee that he had abundant space to make the turn securely.

The trailer “rolled over the walkway, striking Casillas’ bicycle and thumping him to the ground,” as per offended party legal advisors Brian J. Panish and Thomas A. Schultz is an individual from The National Trial Lawyers Top hundred. The back “wheels of the trailer ran over Casillas’ left leg.” His leg was cut away and he experienced serious affective stress. Casillas was hospitalized for an aggregate of fifty four days, and has now been compelled to take a leg-prosthesis.

The injured brought suit against both F. Azurdia and the holders of the trailer being referred to, Landstar Ranger. Alan Casillas’ case attested that F. Azurdia disregarded “California Vehicle Code Section 22107”, which relates to hazardous turning directions. He additionally contended that Landstar was vicariously subject in light of the fact that F. Azurdia was acting inside the extent of his vocation at the time of the accident.

Defense accuses the victimized person

The defense of F. Azurdia declared that A. Casillas was nearly or just as at flaw. Its contention was that had Casillas been focusing, and not been on his phone, he could have helped in preventing the crash with the trailer.


Following a long 2 week trial, the jury gave back a 12-0 decision granting A. Casillas as takes after:

  • 5 187 240 dollars for future medical expense
  • 66 099 dollars past lost profit
  • 672 541 dollars future lost profit
  • 754 351 dollars past medicals (stipulated)
  • 11 700 dollars past non-financial harms
  • 16 175 dollars future non-financial harms.

California vehicle code segment 22107 states:

No individual should turn a vehicle from a direct course or move right or left upon a roadway until such development can be made with sensible security and afterward when the giving of a fitting signal in the way gave in this section in the occasion some other vehicle may be influenced by the movement.

Potential Penalties and Fines

The California Department of engine vehicles has the privilege to wipe out or suspend the driver’s permit of somebody who is infringing upon Orange County vehicle codes. There are a few California vehicle codes, and every one has distinctive fines connected with them. California’s framework permits the division to track offenses of drivers, and the individuals who collect a specific number of focuses inside a predefined time period runs the danger of having their driver’s permit suspended or recalled.

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